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Hello, everyone! I’m Phe, the person behind the wheel in the studio. As a foodie, I’ve always believed that eating from a beautifully crafted vessel elevates the experience of enjoying and appreciating a meal. This belief inspired me to sign up for a pottery class in 2016, with the determination that one day, I would make my own plates and bowls for daily use.

Fast forward to today, I run a small studio called ClaytoPlate. It’s a space where a lump of clay is transformed into a unique item.

At ClaytoPlate, we focus on the experience and processes of pottery making. In our signature course,

I take you on a journey of pottery making intertwined with a Malaysian food experience. I believe these two elements are intrinsically linked, offering a holistic experience with food. I take immense pride in my unique heritage and the culinary culture of Malaysian and Peranakan cuisine.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the craft, ClaytoPlate offers pottery classes with durations of 8 and 12 weeks.

We’ve formed a strong community in the studio, where we respect the differences of every individual. It’s a space where we explore creativity, embrace the moment, and most importantly, have fun being creative.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community!



Welcome to our pottery course! This is a journey open to everyone, whether you’re a beginner curious about ceramics or an experienced potter. I’ll guide you through the entire pottery making process, from centering and trimming to glazing.


You’ll learn to shape clay on the potter’s wheel, but you’re also free to explore hand-building techniques. This is a space where creativity isn’t limited to just one method. As a creator, you’re encouraged to explore your abilities and have fun in the process. It’s a friendly environment where you’ll find your own space. It’s your time to slow down from the day-to-day hustle and connect with this natural material.


Pottery making is all about taking your time, enjoying the moment, and feeling the clay in your hands as it dances along on the wheel. So come, join us, and let’s create something beautiful together!



Signature Course


4 weeks

introduction of pottery making and Malaysian cuisine experience

Friday - 6 pm to 9 pm

Eur 375 (incl 21% tax)

Pescatarian friendly


all levels

8 weeks

In this engaging class, you will embark on a journey to enjo the art of pottery. You will delve into the fundamentals of pottery making, gaining a deep understanding of the nature and properties of clay. 

Monday/Tuesday - 6 pm - 9 pm

Eur 360 (incl 21% tax)


all levels


12 weeks

In this engaging class, you will embark on a journey to enjoy the art of pottery. You will delve into the fundamentals of pottery making, gaining a deep understanding of the nature and properties of clay. 

As you progress, you will broaden your horizons by learning to shape clay on the wheel and refining the craft, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Thursday -6 pm to 9 pm

Saturday - 10 am to 1 pm

Eur 540 (incl 21% tax).

Nestled in a charming street at the heart of Utrecht, you’ll find our studio. Here, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We recycle as much as possible, from the clay that hasn’t been bisque fired, to the water and glaze used in our processes. Our goal is to operate a studio that minimizes waste, embodying the principles of sustainability in all that we do.



Pheona's classes are a pleasure to attend. Pheona is absolutely lovely. She is fun, skilled, understanding, spontaneous, patient and super creative. Everything is possible in her studio. I've attended two different courses and I really loved both. The studio is a great place to either get your first experience with throwing on the wheel or to evolve your skills and really grow. If you're not a big fan of working with the wheel there is plenty of room to only hand build. Pheona guides you to create beautiful pieces either way which you can actually use in your day to day life. I am currently drinking coffee only from my own mugs! I would highly recommend her courses. It doesn't feel like going to a course but more like meeting with friends and creating beautiful pieces. Definitely recommend! You won't regret!! Pheona's hospitality will make you feel at home from the minute you start.



Absolutely brilliant. Learning to throw clay with Pheona has been so many things! From teaching patience to humbling, from therapeutic to confidence-boosting. Every day in the studio there's something great to take home, beside your creations. It's impossible not to enjoy pottery... and the amazing teacher. I look forward to it every time. Thank you Phe!



So happy I started my pottery journey with Pheona. Pheona is an incredible teacher and person. She creates the most wonderful and fun classes where you learn how to work with clay, trimming techniques, and glazing, and you get to take home your beautiful creations at the end! On top of sharing her passion for pottery, she also shares her passion for food and cooks incredible Malaysian food (aka the best cuisine out there!) that you can enjoy together. Truly the best concept ever. I joined a 4-week course, and will be starting an 8-week course soon and can't wait to continue. Thank you Phe!



Phe is not only a great teacher but also an amazing human being. When I started the pottery course, little did I know I was starting a journey into finding myself and becoming a better version of myself, while being surrounded by kind and inspiring people.

Phe's attention to detail and careful use of materials - so that nothing goes to waste - is something I have started to apply to my daily life and incorporate as part of who I am ever since.

She's a very emphatetic person and will do her best to get the most out of you without putting any pressure on you.

In case you are still unsure, here's one little extra piece of info: Phe is a great cook and puts as much passion into teaching pottery as she does when cooking Malasyan food.

Laura pieces.png


Phe is an absolutely brilliant teacher! She guided me to create some lovely pieces and created a group setting where everyone feels safe and inspired by each other. This course made me discover my passion for pottery and I hope to be back at her studio soon.

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