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Hand-building and Sculpture (4 Spots)

Course is suitable for all levels 6 weeks (Wednesday)

  • 340 euro

Service Description

Over six lessons, we'll go together on a gentle exploration of sculpting with clay, developing both skills and imagination. Get step-by-step guidance in learning the basics of hand-building and sculpting as you explore the techniques of pinching and coiling. Begin with a simple pinch pot and progress to more intricate forms, learning how to manipulate clay with your hands to create dynamic shapes. Later on, we will explore methods of slab-building, and learn how to roll, cut, and assemble slabs to make different types of forms. Bring your artistic vision to the forefront, sketch your idea(s) and bring them to life through individual objects. Together, we will discuss your concept sketches and shapes and will guide you choose the most suitable building plan. Then it’s time to enjoy the making process and learning along the way. Refine your selected pieces by exploring decorating techniques, use of slips, adding textures or painting before bisque firing. Finally, bring your sculptures to life in their final form by applying glazes to the bisque-fired pieces.

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  • Biltstraat 55, Utrecht, Netherlands

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