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ClaytoPlate Foundation Course (Full)

Course suitable for all levels - 6 weeks (Monday)

  • 270 euro

Service Description

Foundation 6 weeks 🌟 Pottery Course for Beginners and Experienced This engaging 6-week pottery course caters to both beginners and those with prior clay-working experience. Whether you’re stepping into the world of pottery for the first time or honing your existing skills, this course promises an enriching journey. For Beginners: Unleash Your Creativity Discover the Basics: As a first-timer, you’ll delve into the fundamental aspects of pottery making. From understanding clay properties to mastering essential techniques, you’ll build a solid foundation. Full Pottery Cycle: Over the 6 weeks, you’ll experience the complete pottery process: Centering: Learn the art of balancing and grounding the clay on the wheel. Trimming: Refine your forms by removing excess clay. Glazing: Explore the magic of surface finishes. Hands-On Exploration: Dive deeper into the creative process - all guided by the movements of your skilled hands. Your Masterpieces: At the course’s end, you’ll proudly take home three unique handmade items (not bigger than 20 cm) Imagine sipping from your own crafted cups, enjoying meals in personalized bowls, or adorning your space with a hand-shaped vase. Desire for More?: If your creative fire burns brighter, feel free to make additional pieces. A nominal fee applies, but the joy of crafting is priceless. For Experienced Artists: Elevate Your Craft Skill Refinement: Seasoned potters, this is your canvas. We’ll focus on: Complex Shapes: Push your boundaries by tackling intricate forms. Sets and Series: Dive into creating cohesive sets—think ramen bowls or elegant dinnerware. Join us in this artistic journey, where clay transforms into cherished pieces, and your hands shape beauty. 🏺✨

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  • Biltstraat 55, Utrecht, Netherlands

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