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Clay To Plate Foundation Course - (Full)

Course is suitable for all levels 8 weeks (Tuesday)

  • 360 euro

Service Description

🌟 Pottery Course for Beginners and Experienced Artists This engaging 8-week pottery course caters to both beginners and those with prior clay-working experience. Whether you’re stepping into the world of pottery for the first time or honing your existing skills, this course promises an enriching journey. For Beginners: Unleash Your Creativity Discover the Basics: As a first-timer, you’ll delve into the fundamental aspects of pottery making. From understanding clay properties to mastering essential techniques, you’ll build a solid foundation. Full Pottery Cycle: Over the 8 weeks, you’ll experience the complete pottery process: Centering: Learn the art of balancing and grounding the clay on the wheel. Trimming: Refine your forms by removing excess clay. Glazing: Explore the magic of surface finishes. Hands-On Exploration: Dive deeper into the creative process. You’ll create larger pieces, pull taller vessels, and experiment with various shapes—all guided by the movements of your skilled hands. Your Masterpieces: At the course’s end, you’ll proudly take home four unique handmade items. Imagine sipping from your own crafted cups, enjoying meals in personalized bowls, or adorning your space with a hand-shaped vase. Desire for More?: If your creative fire burns brighter, feel free to make additional pieces. A nominal fee applies, but the joy of crafting is priceless. For Experienced Artists: Elevate Your Craft Skill Refinement: Seasoned potters, this is your canvas. We’ll focus on: Complex Shapes: Push your boundaries by tackling intricate forms. Sets and Series: Dive into creating cohesive sets—think ramen bowls or elegant dinnerware. Join us in this artistic journey, where clay transforms into cherished pieces, and your hands shape beauty. 🏺✨

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  • Biltstraat 55, Utrecht, Netherlands

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