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My grandma is my super hero. Raised by my grandma in a big house with 13 other family members (uncles, aunties, nieces and nephews) dinner is the time where we all sat together to enjoy my grandma’s cooking. It was always a big feast on Sunday as more uncles and aunties plus kids will be coming over for lunch. My grandma single handed raised all her children during the second world war and she is my biggest hero. At the age of 7 I was always curious about food and would be my grandma’s assistant when needed. I will be assigned to help out and one of the task I dislike most was to pluck the feathers of a chicken and sometimes 3/4 chickens. Grandma had 20 chickens in the backyard so I was spoiled with fresh eggs everyday and fully organic chicken meat during special occasion. It wasn’t a happy moments grandma called for help to the backyard to catch 3 of the chosen chickens for her curry dish. The phrase “running around like chicken without head” well I have literally witnessed this live and still being traumatized by this. It was part of the process as chicken meat did not come in a package or nicely cut and display in a cooler. I suppose things are much easier and less bloody nowadays but my childhood memories remain. I love eating but I am also a great cook. Thanks to my grandma for this.



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