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Phe is what everyone calls me in the studio

2016 was the year when I got my hands covered with clay for the first time was also the beginning of a journey chasing my dream to combine pottery making with Malaysian cuisine. I am inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of handmade cups and bowls although my curiosity about how it’s made got me really hooked.​

Being a foodie, it is a joy when a delicious meal is being served in a handmade bowl/plate. Food for me is something I treat with a great deal of respect. A bowl of rice with a fried egg with a runny yolk and a dash of dark soya sauce with chili can make my day.

I grew up in Malaysia and the hawker centers are my favorite place to go for a good meal. It is  constantly packed whether it is at 7.30 am before going to work or at 4.30 am before going home after a night out. There are always places for a quick bite and it’s the perfect place to have a taste of the local cuisine at an affordable price.

In the studio I am offering a unique experience with the ClaytoPlate Signature course where I am combining both of my passion - pottery making and Malaysian cuisine. Food brings people together and in this 4 weeks course I will take you to a journey in sampling a melting pot of cuisines from the different ethnics - Chinese, Indian, Malay and the Peranakan



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